Room Humidifier – 5 Must Have Features For Your Home Humidifier

If you want a fresh and healthy home environment, a home humidifier is a must. The problem is finding the right one for your needs.

With so many sizes, prices and features, it can be hard to identify the right one for your needs. Here are five must-have features for your home humidifier.

First you have to consider the matter of user friendliness. The easier your humidifier is to use, the better the results you’ll get. At the least you need an unit with an LCD display. This helps keep you informed of what is happening with your machine. It can inform you about such matters as running speed, water level and the humidity level in your home.

Home humidifiers are pretty much set-and-forget devices but you do need to keep an eye on a few things – or let your device do that for you.

For example, you need to make sure your reservoir always contains enough water. If it dries out, it will stop working and waste energy. What’s worse, your machine could be damaged.

Enter the low water indicator. This device will remind you to keep the water tank filled with water.

Better still, get a unit with an auto shutoff feature which turns off your humidifier when the water runs out.

Another great feature is a built-in humidistat. This is a device which regulates your humidifier to maintain pre-set humidity level. If functions much like a thermostat does with your heating system

A good humidistat both keeps your home humidity level at a steady optimum and also saves you money.

Finally, look for a humidifier with variable speed settings. Different circumstances such as weather and the number of people in your home require different levels of humidity.

Or maybe you just want to have your unit run more quietly at night. The ability to adjust the speed of your unit can help you do just that.

Sophisticated home humidifiers have many more features than these but getting one with the above will help you get the most from your unit and a healthier home environment.

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